Geohashing, Townsville QLD Australia. Like Geocaching, Geo hashing is a form of exploring, hiking, natural adventure. It was invented on xkcd, and is therefore popular among geeks. This page was compiled by Matty K. Geohashing is a great, fun adventure, hiking in the wild. Also an excuse to take some lovely scenic photos.
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The "Unofficial" point is based on the official XKCD Geohashing algorithm, but modified for Townsville.
The modifications are that:
  1. the fraction part is divided again by 8 (giving a 0.125°×0.125° graticule), and
  2. the 'origin' is constantly defined as -19.24°, 146.72°.
This gives a fairly random location within this region.

The "Double" point uses the original algorithm, but calculates the md5 sum of the md5 sum. The spread of points looks much more random over a short period of time.